Wellness & Recovery Programs

Wellness & Recovery Programs

Wellness & Recovery Programs


The Broken Wings offers two comprehensive programs: leadership development and spiritual growth.

Broken Wings Leadership Academy is training for the purpose and roles of a Recovery Coach or Mentor while giving participants the tools and resources necessary to provide recovery & wellness support services to others.

Who Is It For?

This program is for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of:
· Substance-use and mental disorders
· Trauma Intervention
· How to respond to a crisis or traumatic situations
· Skills and tools in effective communication and motivational interviewing
· Recovery and Wellness action planning and goal setting
· Recovery Ethics

If you wish to have your leaders in your organization or church in this program, we offer a “preferred option cost.” Please email us at if you want to discuss this packaging.

Broken Wings Spiritual Growth & Development is a one-year program that can be presented to personal or group forums. We utilize the workbook Live, Laugh, & Love.  A  ten week closed session to provide you a biblical strategies & coaching program  to help in  identifying red flags, types of abuse, cycle of abuse, and characteristics of abuse. Live, Laugh and Love cover topics such as understanding family dynamics, learning how to set healthy boundaries, and changing patterns of toxic behavior. We have a process in place to help you live well and live blessed. Please email us at if you want to discuss this program.

Individual Coaching Services

Wellness & Recovery Programs

Wellness & Recovery Programs


Women who have experienced childhood abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, or any type of violent crime can receive individual aftercare recovery life coaching services from a trained professional. 

We believe in the following success formula in coaching everyone we come in contact with:

Plan + Preparation + Process = Purpose

We encourage you to create a divine plan that will help you accomplish the purpose of God.

We believe it begins with knowing what you're preparing for. We encourage you to determine where you are headed and examine the conditions along the way!

PROCESS - We act as your accountability partner by challenging you to know ultimately you have to take action. Being prepared means being ready to take that first step.

This last step is results oriented. It will define why you exist, why you are here, the potential you possess, your capabilities, and your limitations.

Group Coaching Services

Wellness & Recovery Programs

Group Coaching Services


12-Step Program

i61:3 Beauty4Ashes
A closed online 12-Step support group for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and substance abuse addictions. We meet every Monday at 8PM via Zoom to ensure a safe atmosphere in which to share your story, learn about the dynamics of sexual assault, and know that you are not alone. Free and Limited Seating. Email

Parenting Program

How to Parent Children Who Witness Domestic Violence

An 11-week closed psychoeducational group**. Parents will learn skills to enable them to better parent their children. Topics include: talking to children about
domestic violence, safety planning with children, conflict prevention, setting limits, handling anger as a parent, etc. Please email us at