Broken Wings

The Broken Wings Leadership Academy program offers a comprehensive leadership training of the purpose and roles of Recovery Coach or Mentor while giving participants the tools and resources necessary to provide recovery & wellness support services to others.

Who Is It For?

This program is for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of:
· Substance use and mental disorders
· Crisis Intervention
· Trauma Intervention
· How to respond to a crisis or traumatic situations
· Skills and tools in effective communication and motivational interviewing
· Recovery and Wellness action planning and goal setting
· Recovery Ethics

If you wish to have your leaders in your organization or church in this program, we offer a “preferred option cost.” Please email us at if you want to discuss this packaging.

Broken Wings Personal Growth & Development

A one-year program that can be presented to personal or group forums. We utilize DOVE’s Love books, workbooks, and other resources to teach this program. We have a process in place to help you live well and live blessed. Please email us at if you want to discuss this program.

Treasured Memories