What are Broken Wings™ Development Programs?

Broken Wings are Recovery Support and Leadership Development programs that are designed to be presented in a series of multiple phases toward your personal & spiritual growth development. We provide a safe and supportive atmosphere for women to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors connected to their emotional trauma.

Who can host an event with us?

DOVE’s Love partners with sorority groups, women’s ministries from local & national churches and outreach organizations.

When should I start planning and how do I know what to do?

DOVE’s Love suggests at least three months to successfully plan an event. To ensure all details are taken care of, the DOVE’s Love team member works one-on-one with event planners to provide hostess tips, marketing ideas, day-of itineraries and more.

What happens after the event?

DOVE’s Love is passionate about the establishment of local discipleship programs, which is why after each of our events (if requested by the host), DOVE’s Love encourages attendees to enroll in our Broken Wings Recovery Support & Wellness Sessions. To assist with follow-up, DOVE’s Love provides example “decision time cards” for capturing attendees’ information at each event.

How do I get started?

To bring an event with author and speaker Cynthia A. Patterson to your city, visit the “Contact Us” page and fill out the event request form. Email info@doveslove.org