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Empowering Women to Live Well, Live Blessed

Our Story

DOVE’s Love is a nonprofit (501) (c) (3) organization that offers recovery and wellness programs for women from all levels of society. Operating since 2010, we have served over 2,891 women, ranging from counseling to coaching women on how to develop personal and business plans. First started as a one-woman operation run from her living-room, we continue to focus on filling our clients’ needs completely and fully; our organization motto is “Empowering Women to Live Well, Live Blessed“.
To date, we have received countless calls from women who are abused, substance abusers, or requesting help and guidance in identifying their significant purpose in life. Through our programs, we provide transitional resources for our clients to begin transforming their lives through recovery coaching, personal development, and therapeutic counseling:
  • Provided 136,444 minutes in leadership development training to 103 women.
  • Provided 506,684 minutes of referral services to 33 women.
  • Conducted 75,228 minutes of recovery and wellness support via personal or group coaching to 287 women.
  • Provided 709,399 minutes in collaborative partnerships with other organizations to 2,468 women.
Upcoming Events
Doves Love Launch Party – April 2018
Live, Laugh, and Love Book Release – April, 2018
Annual Wailing Women Win Prayer Brunch Oct, 2018
Annual Sister2Sister Luncheon and Networking Event Dec. 12, 2018
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Meet Our Team

Cynthia A. Patterson

Cynthia A. Patterson

Executive Director & Founder
April Grant

April Grant

Community Relations Director
Deidra Cloud

Deidra Cloud

Client Services Manager
Jackie Baldwin

Jackie Baldwin

Assistant to Founder